This class is taught by:

Beth Childress

My number one goal as a Cycle Instructor is to bring passion and soul to Anchorage Cycle. My OneRide is an intense workout but at heart it is a place for people to express emotions in a safe environment with a room full of supportive athletes. When one is comfortable with pushing their body to being uncomfortable there is physical and mental growth. Get uncomfortable, push past limits, and be okay with it; let it hurt and find strength.
Fitness has been a huge part of my life for many years. I enjoy weight training, running, cycling, cross fit, and hiking. I have played guitar since I was eleven and I could listen to Slash and Stevie Ray Vaughan rock out all day long. My love and inspiration from music is apparent in my classes; upbeat, soulful and sort of like a party. Anchorage Cycle is a family and I am honored to be apart of it.

Courtney Lyons

I grew up playing sports from nearly the time I could walk, and enjoyed playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and rugby throughout the years in California. I began doing yoga and strength training during my high school years, and found that the gym I attended had some great cycling instructors. I began incorporating spin classes into my workout routine until I moved to Alaska in 2008. Fast forward to 2015, when perusing Facebook I saw a post for instructor auditions being held for Anchorage Cycle. The memories of all the great classes I used to take came flooding back. I went out on a whim, prepared a short routine, and (honestly, feeling a little silly and apprehensive!) auditioned to be an instructor for Anchorage Cycle. So, here I am now! AYC has introduced me to a community of amazing people whom I am honored to ride alongside, and I could not be more grateful. The energy in the studio and the feeling of absolute elation following a ride is unparalleled!

Penny Gage

Originally from Sitka, I fell in love with indoor cycling while going to graduate school in Washington, D.C. With a background in a variety of dance styles and as a former Zumba instructor, I come to Anchorage Cycle with a keen ear for rhythm. My class is a place for riders to challenge themselves physically, while getting lost in the beat. Hopefully, with my upbeat and varied music, fun attitude, and love for a challenge, riders will leave the room feeling stronger, and with a smile on their face.

David Westlake

An ancient sage once wrote that the deeper purpose of yoga was to still the chattering distractions of the mind. I agree absolutely and dare to suggest that the intentional practice of any physical medium whether it be yoga, cycle, running or whatever it may be has the same outcome. At first, the practitioner seeks physical health with all it's benefits but after a while there comes a profound mental clarity that goes beyond the everyday thoughts and identifications of the ego. There is something that happens when our bodies become our ally through effort and self love that allows us to live more fully. I hold this conviction near to my heart, taking it into whatever I teach whether it be the physical poses of yoga, the stories behind the practice or an epic ride. My own journey has certainly proven this truth again and again. All the activities I explored on the journey towards yoga such as wrestling, T'ai Chi, sports fencing and hiking pointed in this direction. Looking back it makes absolute sense that I teach yoga and indoor cycle, but I still smile when thinking about it. Life has a way of doing that for us.  
Come check out one of my classes, surround yourself with epic music, breath, discover the edge and move beyond it. Without a doubt, this process of expanding our physical health is a metaphor for all levels of our lives, we step past our habits and self-imposed limitations to discover infinite possibilities. Love and Gratitude!

Erica Hedman

I am addicted to the beat... A rhythm rider to the core, I’ve been hooked on Anchorage Cycle since they opened their doors in 2015. I first fell in love with spin classes in college in the early 2000s but through the years failed to find instructors with a teaching style and music that truly motivated me. So, I would create my own routines to my own music and spin by myself at the gym. Throughout 2016, I took as many classes as I could at several boutique cycle studios in the Lower 48 to do what I like to call ‘cycle research’. While I learned a lot with each new class and studio, I always came back to AC feeling at home and with a clear knowing that it’s hands down the best studio in the country. My passion for being a cycle motivator comes from a love of sharing the music that moves my soul and creating a safe, soulful space where transformation can occur: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you let it, Anchorage Cycle will truly change your life, it most certainly did for me.

Lauden Garness

My passion for indoor cycling began just a few months after having my second child.  I left my class feeling strong and encouraged; Shortly afterwards, I decided to make cycling part of every day life.  As a wife and mother of small children, I understand how busy life can be but this challenge drives me to work harder and inspires me to set goals for myself.  When I heard Anchorage Cycle was holding auditions for Motivators, I felt inwardly compelled to reach beyond my comfort zone and give it a shot.  I am honored now to be a Motivator and have the opportunity to ride with all the wonderful people here at Anchorage Cycle.  

Gloria Garber

As a born and raised Alaskan, the love of outdoor activities is in my blood. I was exposed to cardio based fitness at a young age with hiking, mountain biking, cross country running and skiing and competitive soccer. Many injuries later, I found yoga and attended the 200-HR Teacher Training at Anchorage Yoga. I took the course to better my understanding of anatomy to pair with my degree in Exercise Science from Boise State (go Broncos!), and NASM personal training certification but took away so much more than that. My entire view of "exercise" changed. In fact, my entire view of life changed.... and I was hooked.

If Anchorage Yoga and cardio had a baby, it would be Anchorage Cycle. When it opened, I knew I wanted to get involved to inspire others through exercise the way the Yoga studio did for me. If you're into welcoming and supportive yoga vibes, plus a workout that feels more like a party on a bike, I encourage you to come check out a class!

Aspen Raney

I work in Real Estate and as a full time mom since November 2015. About 9 months after I had my son I was looking for something new and was particularly interested in a group fitness class. I have a background in fitness, and lifting weights had always been my go to. After being persuaded by my mom, I decided to give Anchorage Cycle a try. I took my first class in September 2016 and was immediately sold. Honestly, I sucked in that first class and was out of shape, but I left feeling excited and renewed. From the moment I took my first class I decided that my ultimate goal was to become a Motivator and teach classes. I am so stoked to be apart of the Anchorage Cycle family and look forward to seeing you in the saddle!

Jen Evanson

Last year my life took an unexpected turn and I found myself floundering for guidance. I felt like the wind was knocked clean out of me and I was left with only broken pieces of my heart to scoop up and reassemble. Thankfully, that's when AYC stepped in. I'd been a member of Anchorage Yoga for a few years, casually dipping my toes into the world of yoga, feeling that calming high after a really deep session, yet needing something more. More movement, a way to burn through old stagnant energy, something that made me feel revived. When Anchorage Cycle opened I was immediately drawn to the high-energy super-charged dance party that is OneRide and in class I envisioned myself teaching.

With a background in energy work as a Master Level Reiki Practitioner I knew there was magic in this movement. After every class I felt lighter, clearer, and more grounded. Now, after a year of diligent attention to my own healing through cycle I feel completely renewed. I found my vision of teaching realized on-stage, heart-open, ready to give you all that I've got. So if you're ready to heal, find yourself, discover your true potential, or just get a good ol' sweat on, with open arms I am ready for you...let's do this.

Michael Schmidt

Ever since opening, I have found Anchorage Cycle a vibrant community. It has become a second home for me. I am so grateful now to be one of the Motivators and share the gift of cycle with everybody that comes to one of my classes.

I love cycle because through the busy week, a cycle class creates an opportunity for you to be in control - and will push you steps closer towards your goals. I encourage you to welcome, embrace and enjoy the challenges that come with every class. Everyone deserves to be sculpted into the person they are striving to be both outside and within. I will do my best to make my rides exciting and fun with a variety of energetic music that will make it an incredible experience helping you to burn maximum calories and tone both body and mind.

Check out one of my classes then lose your mind and find your soul.

Our signature ride is a fun, high-intensity and low-impact cardio party! Our expert motivators create challenging, exhilarating rides featuring indoor cycling techniques combined with upper body hand weights. Choreographed to the rhythmic beats of energetic, uplifting music, you’ll stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. BEWARE. . .this 45-minute class may change your body and your life.

Upcoming classes:

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  • Wed Dec 13 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm with Penny Gage
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  • Wed Dec 13 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm with David Westlake
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  • Thu Dec 14 9:15 am - 10:00 am with Erica Hedman
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  • Thu Dec 14 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm with David Westlake
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  • Thu Dec 14 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm with Beth Childress
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  • Fri Dec 15 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm with Aspen Raney
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  • Fri Dec 15 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm with Jen Evanson
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  • Sat Dec 16 8:00 am - 8:45 am with Gloria Garber
    at Anchorage Cycle
  • Sat Dec 16 9:15 am - 10:00 am with Michael Schmidt
    at Anchorage Cycle
  • Sat Dec 16 10:30 am - 11:15 am with Aspen Raney
    at Anchorage Cycle
  • Sun Dec 17 9:15 am - 10:00 am with Lauden Garness
    at Anchorage Cycle
  • Sun Dec 17 10:30 am - 11:15 am with Penny Gage
    at Anchorage Cycle
  • Mon Dec 18 9:15 am - 10:00 am with Jen Evanson
    at Anchorage Cycle