Kerry Wilson

Slowing down takes effort. After a lifetime of curiosity and exploring Alaska, Kerry’s continuing to find balance between strength and flexibility, push and pull, and control and let-go. Kerry's 16-year yoga practice has helped her with that journey. In 2012, Kerry completed Anchorage Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training. She continues to practice daily so she can do the things she loves: snowboarding, biking, hiking, running, and keeping up with her two boys.

Kerry's deep Alaska Native roots keep her here. The mountains and oceans bear many family stories. The valleys are deeply significant to her understanding of the world and her personal identity. However, she can do without Alaska's long nights. Yoga makes her feel better, it brings the sunshine back.

As someone who loves learning new things, the dancer in her loves to teach creative, intelligent sequences.

Kerry Wilson instructs the following:
  • AY Flow 1
  • (level 1/2) This vinyasa (or flow) style class has an emphasis on alignment and creative in nature. Our flow classes are inventive and thoughtfully sequenced. Rooted in the foundation of Ashtanga you will experience sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending and inversions – guided by a slow and steady breath. *Newer students receive extra support and attention in our level 1/2 classes.