Glaceia Henderson

I LOVE YOGA!!! Ten years ago I moved to AK for outdoor adventures! With yoga I have found an adventure within. My practice began when doctors recommended yoga to relieve chronic neck & shoulder pain. Three years ago In 2004, I took my first yoga class at UAA with Nirvair Khalsa and I was hooked. Later that year in Los Angeles I took another yoga class, it was then and there that I had bitten me by curiosity and wanted to know more about the practice of yoga. It still took 8 years before finally deciding dive deeper and become a yoga teacher. On a Thursday afternoon after a one hour Bikram class with Melanie It occurred to me that I needed to have this feeling of calm and inner peace in my life on a constant basis. Shortly after this experience I enrolled in the 200 Teacher Training program at Anchorage Yoga and now I have the honor of sharing my practice with you! Not only do I love the challenge of a strong well and balanced yoga class, I truly believe that the mind, body, spirit connection, is incredibly powerful. When I'm not using my son as a chaturanga weight pack , I can be found either taking a yoga class, seriously practicing hard postures, (I am determined to keep having serious fun with yoga), hiking, and/or singing opera. Yoga changed my life for the better and I am grateful.

Glaceia Henderson is currently not instructing any classes.