Jillian Bender

My yoga story began about 10 years ago in Bellingham, Washington. After experiencing a variety of hardships throughout my life, I was not sure how to deal with my emotions, how to love my body, or how to heal. I received a free class pass from a friend for a local studio and after my first class I felt light was finally able to break through into my heart and I was hooked. I spent 4 years cleaning the space and mopping the floors in that same studio everyday in exchange for free yoga classes. Since then, my yoga practice has taught me how to piece together the parts of myself and find peace I did not know existed! Yoga has taught me to love myself, others, and this beautiful messy thing we call life! In 2014, my journey led me to Anchorage Yoga’s Teacher Training. I will be forever grateful for the teachers here at Anchorage Yoga and my fellow students that made the experience such a powerful and transformational one! I like to teach classes that challenge the body and the mind while incorporating the occasional laughter and silliness. My wish is that students leave my class feeling light, joyful, and strong!

Jillian Bender is currently not instructing any classes.