Star Amoureux

Star's first introduction to yoga was a Kundalini class over 27 years ago at the University of Oregon. After that, ssh was hooked. For the next ten + years she continued to practice Kundalini whenever and where ever she could. During the same time, Hatha yoga began to gain in popularity, and she started taking classes in gyms and yoga studios. "I consider myself a universalist, studying and enjoying many styles, of yoga, "say's Star. "I have taken training in an array of styles and fuse together the elements of these styles into my classes."

She continues to study yoga with local teachers Siva Rothstein and recognizes Katey Inman, Stephanie Keach, and Shala Worse as some of her formative teachers.

Star's philosophy is that yoga can be playful yet powerful and through an in-depth exploration of the physical body we can experience the philosophy of yoga in a visceral way.

Trained in more than seven styles of yoga and having taught for over tens years, Star is a gem of a teacher, and she is guaranteed to rock your asana!

Star Amoureux instructs the following:
  • Gentle
  • (all levels) This well-supported, slow-paced Hatha yoga focuses on basic yoga poses attention to breathing, alignment, and mindfulness. Therapeutic in nature, you will learn techniques to help you gain strength and flexibility while immersing yourself in a relaxing environment. This class is a perfect place to begin a yoga practice or just slow it down a little bit.

  • Deep Stretch
  • (all levels) Deep Stretch is different from most traditional classes in that we don't explore any standing postures. Remaining close to the floor allows you to penetrate deep beneath the surface of your body. Long, slow, deep stretching allows you to unlock and release enormous amounts of tension. This class focuses on relaxing into the realm of your hips and shoulders and is often supported by the use of blocks and straps. Sweet Bliss! Sunday's class is 90 minutes.