Hannah Wagner

My yoga journey began the moment I arrived in Anchorage in 2013. Apparently finding a place to live or unpacking my car was not as important as going to a yoga class! As soon as I was greeted by sweet Melanie Duchin, I instantly fell in love with Anchorage Yoga. Since then, I have felt connected to my instructors and peers in a way that I never felt in the lower 48. The idea of 'yoga' all of a sudden became less intimidating and more accessible to my physical body and my mind.

All my life I have felt like a black sheep, but AY is where I found my herd. Being able to move and breathe as one, honor our uniqueness, and share our energies with one another has allowed me to not only develop a consistent practice, but also be comfortable sharing and being with my own vulnerabilities.

I ultimately practice yoga for my mental and emotional health. To connect to a divine power that much bigger than my physical and ignite that power within others. In effort to deepen my practice both on and off the mat, I enrolled in Anchorage Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. Little did I know this training would change my life completely! I am honored for this opportunity to 'pitch with the bigs' and show my love and appreciation for a community that always has my back. See you on the mat!

Hannah Wagner is currently not instructing any classes.