Morocco has long inspired travelers and dreamers with its history, culture, and wildly vivid colors. Morocco’s diverse beauty ranges from gorgeous Sahara sunsets to incredible architecture and arts. This exotic country’s everyday life is full of bright colors and patterns, making it a truly sensual experience and a delight for the senses.  Join Katey Inman for this small and intimate retreat as we explore the magic, culture & cuisine of this mystical country. For this trip we offer two adventures: Morocco Manifestations and Morocco Manifestations + Desert Dreams.

Morocco Manifestations (10/31 – 11/7): Enjoy 8 days and 7 luxurious nights with us at the beautifully manicured grounds of Peacock Pavilions set in an olive grove, just outside Marrakech. Explore the spicy medinas of Marrakech, travel to the seaside town of Essaouira, experience a traditional Moroccan Hamma, adorne your body with henna, eat exotic cuisine and watch cinema under the stars... We aspire to provide an inspiring setting for you to explore your adventurous spirit and reconnect with a sense of wonder. Cost: $3,295

Morocco Manifestations & Desert Dreams (11/8 – 11/17): Enjoy all that "Morocco Manifestation" has to offer in addition to 4 days and 3 nights of adventure to the North African desert. This epic escape takes us from well-trodden tourist routes into the untouched sands of the Sahara Desert.  Just imagine... hidden valleys, red-mud villages, Kasbahs, an oasis of palm-date trees, riding camels through undiscovered desert scenery, dramatic panoramic sunsets over an otherworldly sea of endless dunes, and star gazing under the vast desert sky. Although "Desert Dreams" may be a bit more rustic than our time at Peacock it will be glamping at its finest. Cost: $3,895

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