Melanie Lombard

Before I tried yoga, I thought I wasn't the right kind of person for it. I was a broke, chain-smoking artist, who was slightly cynical and disconnected from my body. A good friend finally talked me into going to a donation class when I lived in San Francisco. It was a huge class, and it seemed like everyone was there. There were all kinds of dispositions, body types, and skill levels - I loved it . I kept practicing because it felt so good afterwards (now it feels good during). I could breathe deeply for what seemed like the first time. I discovered that there is no "kind of person" who does yoga. Yoga can be for anyone. Still, I wondered if I would become perfect - perhaps an enlightened being, or an underwear model- but what has actually happened is much better. After many years of breathing, stretching, sweating, and paying attention, yoga has helped me experience equanimity and acceptance. I feel more grounded in my body and alive. I hope to share that experience in my classes.

Melanie Lombard instructs the following:
  • Guided Meditation
  • All levels. Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It gives direct, intuitive experience of higher realities, and is the cornerstone of true spirituality. It also helps create balance and cultivate inner peace. Meditation may produce profound results on all levels of your being—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Come connect you with your own inner powers of vitality, clarity, and love!

  • AY Flow 1
  • (level 1/2) This vinyasa (or flow) style class has an emphasis on alignment and creative in nature. Our flow classes are inventive and thoughtfully sequenced. Rooted in the foundation of Ashtanga you will experience sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending and inversions – guided by a slow and steady breath. *Newer students receive extra support and attention in our level 1/2 classes.