Stefanie Dominguez

I was looking for a new life when I stumbled into yoga. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I tried the various types of yoga offered at Anchorage Yoga. I loved them all, but I felt a deep desire to “conquer” Hot 26; which ultimately turned into a struggle with myself. I loved that I had found the platform to “show up” for life. Being on my mat taught me to be in the present moment, accept myself as I am, and find a true balance in my life. I decided to deepen my understanding and awareness by taking the Anchorage Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2017. That experience left me with a genuine gratitude for life, as well as, a strong connection to continue to grow as an individual both on and off the mat. As a teacher I hope to help others meet themselves where they are and practice compassion and acceptance for themselves.

Stefanie Dominguez instructs the following:
  • Hot 26 (FREE Community Class)
  • (All levels) This is the classic twenty-six postures with two breathing exercises. This class helps to strengthen the mind as well as shape, sculpt, and heal the body. Designed for beginning thru advanced yoga students, we practice in a room heated to 102°. The heat allows you to work deeper into the muscles increasing flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength.

    For a limited time, the 4:00pm class is a FREE Community Class and will be taught by new instructors.